How to install Nokogiri

Check out this link –

That link suggests plenty solutions for all type operating systems. After searching solutions for hours in other links ending up none the wiser and even more confused, I cannot believe why I overlooked this website!

My pain:


The problem solved by solution stated on the above mentioned website:

Using Nonstandard libxml2 / libxslt installations 


  • you’ve got libxml2 and/or libxslt installed in a nonstandard place,
  • and you don’t have pkg-config installed

you can use command-line parameters to the gem install command to specify build parameters.

If you’ve got the proper config scripts:

gem install nokogiri — \ –use-system-libraries \ –with-xml2-config=/path/to/xml2-config \ –with-xslt-config=/path/to/xslt-config


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